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 We would like to share sites of some of the wonderful people that we have met on our Journey Through Corrupt Judicial System.  We would also like to share some of what Justices in the past have stated in cases.  The Judicial System has run amock, and it is high time for someone to step in and help straighten the mess out.

We can start with The United States Supreme Court, get your free bumper sticker by clicking on the link above.  You get your choice of "Impeach The Supreme Court 5" or "Corporations Are Not The People"  For a small donation, you can get both.  We are getting ours!  Visit their site, and sign the Petition by clicking on the link:

Recently we met a wonderful man William M. Windsor.  You can find his story of Manifest Injustice here:

I will continue to update this site as we go on along this journey into the light.



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